How to Unlock Content on Netflix


How to Unlock Content on Netflix

How to Unlock Content on Netflix


The advent and growth of online streaming services have made life easier for entertainment buffs, for sure. If you cannot do without watching diverse types of movies and TV series regularly (House of Cards, Daredevil, and so on), it is likely you are an avid Netflix user! The video streaming behemoth now offers its content in 130 countries and its database only keeps growing with time.

However, there is a glitch is. Based on your location, you may not be able to watch desired content from Netflix. It is owing to the way movies and TV series are licensed for broadcasting. The entities that have rights of such content often set geographical restrictions for usage. Netflix acquires rights on territory basis. So a popular US TV series may not be viewed from India, Australia, Argentina, even Canada, and so on.

Ways to Bypass Geographical Restrictions on NetFlix Content

It is actually possible to override territorial streaming restrictions imposed by Netflix, if you master the technological tricks. With the below listed tricks, you will be able to override territorial limitations imposed by Netflix.

Using a VPN service/app

Before you get a VPN to access Netflix content minus limitation, it is critical to understand how Netflix imposes access restrictions on users. It checks your computer or device’s IP address and allows or restricts access to content.

So, you basically need to mask the IP address. For this, a VPN app or service is the most prudent weapon. A VPN is actually a network of computers which is used to connect to the web. Any data you send or receive passes through the VPN. So, when you use a VPN to access NetFlix content, your IP address cannot be tracked by Netflix.

You can also use the P2P VPN services. To override Netflix’s limitations, it is better that you use a VPN that offers dedicated IP address.

Unlocking Proxies

Smart DNS proxies were the best solution to get around Netflix regional restrictions. You simply had to change your device’s primary and secondary DNS server addresses to get access to American Netflix. However, due to Netflix blocking such services, they cannot be considered a viable option any longer.

Using Tor

Tor is a software that has become popular for accessing region restricted streaming content.  However, it has a downside. It uses several layers of encryption and that takes a toll on video streaming speed. So, you are likely to face problems when accessing HD content.