Top Facebook Alternatives For Different Social Network Types



Top Facebook Alternatives For Different Social Network Types

Facebook sort of took the internet world by storm when it went global in 2006 as well as it is arguably the most significant social media network currently. We all have a Facebook account and also it would be lying if any individual claimed they have not had one ever before. Facebook has actually been loved so much by people and also it continues to include new features in a proposal to remain at the top of the social network world. However there are times when we get a little saturated by Facebook and want a brand-new fresh alternative. Although the truth is, there are no worthwhile Facebook alternatives.

There is absolutely nothing that could match Facebook now although some people could say Twitter is better but it’s not really an alternative and it’s certainly not aimed at people who intend to be in touch with family and friends. Well, since we have actually established that there are no Facebook alternatives, let’s cut to the chase that we do have numerous other social networks that focused on specific users. For example, there are networks focuseded on photographers, designers, startups, investors and so on. Well, if you have been searching for a Facebook alternative for a specific need, we are listing down the most effective Facebook alternatives according to different types and classifications.

Why we need a Facebook alternative?

Every little thing has its pros and cons and so does Facebook. While Facebook has actually ended up being a part of our lives and also it is loved by millions, it has actually obtained its share of objections. It has been panned across the globe for its ever before altering privacy setups, which gives Facebook complete control over the info that we give on our accounts. If you remain in mood for a shock, just contrast the privacy disclaimers of Facebook from its past to provide to know the difference. Facebook’s explores the News Feed has actually likewise not decreased too well with users. The company’s effort has also made certain to bug internet neutrality fanatics. To sum it up, these suffice needs to need Facebook alternatives.

Best Facebook Alternatives for Different Users

Facebook Alternative for Media Sharing


Opportunities are you currently use it and although YouTube is not really a Facebook alternative, it’s a great video sharing platform. It’s the house for some great videos as well as initial content, makings for an amazing community. Together with YouTube, there are a number of great video sharing systems like Vimeo, DailyMotion and also much more.


Instagram, owned by Facebook has actually grown over the past couple of years by leaps and also bounds. It’s an all round social media network, as it lets you upload pictures, short videos as well as exchange texts with others. The great thing is you can set Instagram to post your updates on your Facebook, Twitter as well as various other profiles too. Thanks to Instagram’s appeal, there has actually been a rise in various comparable apps, which you can take a look at.


Twitter’s Vine lets you see and also share quick videos on its app or internet site, makings up for some great amusing and also enjoyable videos. While short videos may not really draw in everyone, it’s great if you are just in mood for some fun. The community is very awesome, taking into consideration there’s no scarcity of amazing short videos.

Facebook Alternative for Professionals/Career oriented needs


LinkedIn has been a popular platform for professionals and also it remains to remain so. LinkedIn gives you the ability to interact with various other professionals, attract employees and also find jobs. It’s also great if you intend to depend on date on the most recent business and industry news. There’s likewise LinkedIn Pulse if you want to share new ideas with various other heavyweights of the industry.




There’s no need to present Twitter, as it’s virtually growing as quick as Facebook. While it’s the house for smaller sized posts/ tweets, it is a great medium and also it has seen to it some troubles around the world come forward to everyone. Twitter is arguably the most fun and easy to use social network among all.

Facebook Alternative for Designers


Dribbble is an additional great platform for designers where a designer could upload a shot of his design or application to showcase it to others. If you are designer, you should most definitely give Dribbble a shot, as it’s totally design oriented.


Behance is a great community for designers where people could showcase their innovative designs and also discover some great work. Together with the community, Behance permits you to follow and also like various other designers or their work. You can additionally contact people to discuss designs.

Facebook Alternative For Photographers and also Artists (Photography/Art)


If you are an expert photographer or even a budding one, 500px is the place you should visit a lot more frequently instead of Facebook. 500 px is an extremely strong photography community and together with communication with various other photographers, you will get to see some amazing photos. The web site additionally brings various tools and also features for photographers.


DeviantArt is the perfect platform for artists, who want to showcase their art galleries to the world. It has a great community of artists you could interact with and also along with that you reach see some great art. There are a number of features that aim at making life much easier for artists and in addition, it also makes sure the artists get their due credit rating.

Discussion Online forums



Reddit is a public discussion forum where people post as well as talk about things they want. Usually, Reddit users share questions, stories, pictures or anything that may be fascinating. After that, people get in touch with each various other with comments. The great community Reddit has developed over the years makes it a great social platform. There are additionally some cool Reddit alternatives you should check out.


You have a question and you want to ask others? Visit Quora. It’s the most effective place for all the questions and some amazing answers. The question could be on any topic as well as you can also post individual questions as confidential. You can re-ask questions that are already uploaded as well as upvote answers that you believe are great.

Facebook Alternative for Dating


There are a variety of cupid apps but Tinder is most certainly the best amongst them. For people uninformed concerning Tinder, it’s a popular dating app that matches two people when they have both swiped right, that is “like”. If you don’t such as Tinder, there are a host of other alternative dating apps.

Facebook Alternative for Individual reviews

Angie’s List

Having problem selecting the best search the neighbourhood? Well, Angie’s List is there for you. Angie’s List is a web site where you could discover reviews of local businesses by users. Together with reviews, you could find ratings as well as deals around your neighbourhood. The site just provides U.S. based businesses in the meantime however.

Facebook Alternative for Movie lovers


IMDB is the best website for movie lovers as well as deservedly so. It’s a great internet site where you can review reviews of a movie from various users as well as price movies you’ve just seen. Together with that, you can likewise discuss various movies on the “Message Board” with the extremely cool community. There’s additionally IMDBPro, if you wish to get in touch with a star or artist.

Rotten Tomatoes

Rotten Tomatoes is one more website every movie lover visits to take a point of view on a movie. The popular movie score site collects ratings from users and doubters. It shows the ratings in a cool Tomatometer feature, and also if the movie is fresh, it excels and also if rotten, not a lot.

Facebook Alternative for Programmers/Developers


GitHub is a network for designers, where programmers could take aid to establish their repairs better. It gives tools for your programs needs along with codes you can fork for your personal project. You could also decide to not make your code public yet that calls for a paid membership. There’s also concern monitoring, code reviews and also more. If you would like to use something besides GitHub, there are a variety of good alternatives.

Facebook alternative for Startup enthusiasts/Investors


Crunchbase is another great platform if you have a budding company or a startup. It’s a community of various companies, startups, VC and various other financial investment teams. Every one of them have profiles and also startups could connect with seed investors. Various companies could likewise obtain in touch and also collaborate for a project.


AngelList is a great platform for startups as well as people looking to invest in a startup. It’s a great method for investors to get in touch with startups. There are also choices to find a startup job, posts jobs and increase cash for your company online. To sum it up, it’s an awesome c0mmunity of the most effective seed investors across the world.

Facebook Alternative for Live Streaming


Meerkat is another live streaming app as well as it was introduced also before Periscope. It is very much like Pericope in terms of performance. You can live stream videos to the social networks as well as though there have been problems with Twitter combination, you could give it a shot.


Periscope is an app readily available on Android and iOS that lets you livestream videos to social media. The live streaming is not restricted to press reporters or media but anyone. Basically, any person could live stream anything through the app and it is incorporated with Twitter nicely. Its social features like communications as well as the great comments section make it a great live streaming app. The app was just recently acquired by Twitter, so you can expect it to grow exceptionally in the future.

Facebook Alternative for Music Lovers.


SoundCloud is among the largest music community as well as social network on the net. If you are an independent music producer and also want to showcase your music to the world, SoundCloud ought to be the perfect place. It lets you market your tracks as well as thanks to the likes & repost feature, you must obtain the traction you are entitled to.



Doximity is a social media network for physicians and also doctors. Doctors and also Physicians have their profiles on their network as well as they could associate with each other. They can also locate job positions at leading healthcare facilities and various other such possibilities.

These are some great Facebook alternatives you can make use of based on exactly what matters to you. So, which of these networks you like one of the most?


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