Save Your Marriage Using Only 5 SMS Apps for Android to Block Spam SMS message


Save Your Marriage Using Only 5 SMS Apps for Android to Block Spam SMS

Save Your Marriage Using Only 5 SMS Apps for Android to Block Spam SMS

You will certainly still be receiving a great deal of spam messages from firms, services, as well as individuals which would try to draw you to select an offer or simply allow you turn over your individual details. Such marketing groups have cheap SMS text marketing remedies available. So you can’t fight with them, however luckily, you can block spam on Android and also keep your inbox clean. As a result, you will certainly need the most effective SMS apps to block spam on Android.

You will more than happy that you have actually effectively controlled the spam messages which usually disrupted you at the incorrect time, sidetracked you, as well as enticed you by phony assurances.

Top 5 Best SMS Apps for Android to Block Spam Text Messages

Let’s discover how you could block spam on Android.

SMS blocker, call blocker

SMS blocker, call blocker is not exactly what we anticipated to be on this checklist of best SMS apps for Android. Even with being a standalone SMS blocker app, it does an exceptional work to block spam on Android.

Below, we get similar blacklist features as featured on “SMS blocker” apps. Yes, you could add a contact to block and also add some content to detect as well as block that SMS from reaching your Inbox. The offered user interface is basic as well however not as great as one would expect. That being said, it functions fine with no trouble.

Save Your Marriage Using Only 5 SMS Apps for Android to Block Spam SMSs

SMS blocker

SMS blocker is an actual basic SMS app for Android that helps keep your SMS inbox clean from spam. It is rather a basic SMS app without much of the expensive features present. The user interface offered below might trick you that it may not ready as it appears.

It presents you with 3 tabbed sections. The first presents the messages as a basic SMS app, the second “Blacklist” tab lets you add contacts to which you can block SMS from. When you head into the blacklist tab, you will notice that you could add contacts as well as specified content.

Chomp SMS

Chomp SMS is an essential SMS app for Android if you require to by hand blacklist contacts and also conversations. Simply puts, if you do not receive much spam SMSs and want to appreciate making use of a feature-rich SMS app, this must be it.

The SMS app lets you tailor the look with the aid of various themes available for it. You could also download the most up to date emojis for Android with the app when going to the settings.

Save Your Marriage Using Only 5 SMS Apps for Android to Block Spam SMS

SMS blocker – Clean Inbox

Clean Inbox is a clever SMS blocker app for Android which allows blocking spams SMSs making use of the various methods. Surprisingly, these features are available absolutely free, which a user won’t think twice paying for.

It lets you add a details contact to block SMSs from, or if it’s also basic to choose for, you could add a certain series of numbers. For example, if you do not want to receive any kind of messages from numbers like 2889, 189286, and so on. You could just add 2889 * to the series to block every SMSs that comes via this series of number.


Zero SMS app is another cool SMS app for Android having rather an interesting strategy with abundant features. To block spam SMS, it offers a Blocker feature where you can add contacts, or add keywords to detect which messages ought to be blocked and also which should be removed to the primary inbox.

As an additional feature, it offers a private box which you can utilize to protect private SMS conversations as well as secure them using a PIN. The SMS app for Android also lets you apply multiple themes to alter the look of the app as per your demand.