How to Take Screenshots on the Xbox One and Share All of them



Microsoft might certainly not have gotten around to adding in screenshot abilities in order to the Xbox One whenever it shipped, however a latest update brought this particular benefit to the glossy gaming console.

Please note:
1. The first time you connect to Twitter or OneDrive on the Xbox One, you will need to enter your username and password for services.
2. Although Twitter allows you upload several pictures on additional devices, on the Xbox One you are limited to uploading only one image at a time.


Here’s exactly how you can easily take a screenshot with the Microsoft Xbox One:
1. Although playing a game double tap the Xbox button on your controller to take a screenshot and pressing Y to save the screenshot. Or if you’re one of the rare few with Kinect plugged into your Xbox One, you can say “Xbox, capture a screenshot” to take and save a screenshot.
2. After saving the screenshot. Push the Xbox button in order to suspend the game.
3. Intend to the Upload app on your Xbox One and select the screenshot you want to share from Manage Captures.
4. Pressing the Menu button and choose Share.
5. The screenshot could be uploaded to Twitter, OneDrive, your Xbox task feed, private message, or your own personal showcase. Choose the service you wish to upload this to.