How to Manage Finance During College Life


College Life is the most vital period for a student, because it is the time when his or her career is mostly paved on which his or her entire career depends. It is also the most enriching phase of an individual, when he needs to compromise many other things in life just to build a better and a bright career to enjoy a better life in the future. Normally, students studying in any stream, like management, engineering, or social science, go through a strict cycle of the academics, during which they have to keep track with the course curriculum, and strive for higher scores, and grades. At the same time, he or she also needs to maintain a healthy social interaction with the friends, and college peers. As a whole, it is the time, which will be ever-cherishing for a student if he or she can keep a balance between academic and social life. For all these reasons, students also need to manage their finances very expertly, because they have no way to go for a full time earning job, neither they possess enough money to make huge expenses.

Importance of Managing Finances

Financial matters, if not managed well, can increase stress in a student’s life. This factor can even spoil the overall performance of a student leading to poor grades in the examination. At every step a student needs money, expenses are made in different academic activities, and the most of which are quite expensive, and inevitable. At the same time, they have to maintain a healthy social life, and participate in many extra curricular activities. So, a constant inflow of money is highly desired and essential.

He or she also needs to manage money at the maximum possible extent to check unnecessary expenses, because in many instances it is found that after a certain period many students experience shortage of money in spite of having a decent bank balance initially.

Students, who are not expert, or clever enough to manage their finance may suffer from a variety of issues, including debts and depression.

Some good habits that save money

  1. A student should not spend unnecessarily. He or she needs to be very conscious about this matter. As the money available for expenditure is limited, so every expenditure needs to be done consciously.
  2. He or she should avoid any sorts of huge spending activities, specially those not directly related to academic matters.
  3. He or she should be conscious enough about the time of expenditure. If the examination is knocking at the door, and friends are planning to go for a late night party, then that should be altogether canceled.

Luxuriousness, reckless spending, and unnecessary expenditures should be abhorred completely.

A few necessary decisions to manage finances


  • A part time job, without disturbing academic life, can be done to earn some extra bucks.
  • A student should do budget for everything.
  • He or she needs to be truthful to himself or herself. It is required to take responsibility of every action he or she makes.
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