Evernote – Digital diary


Evernote - Digital diary

Evernote – Digital diary

Evenote is a service for note making, Notes inducing Formatted message, copied website, audio notes, transcribed ink notes, photographs, videos, attachments or a mix and also suit mix of those things. It can be accessed online using an internet browser, yet Desktop and also mobile application will certainly give even more experience.

Create a note by email

Evernote will certainly offer a unique email address to upload the notes. mails send out to that address will certainly be automatically added to your notes.

Upload Documents from mobile with Document scanner

Evernote mobile have a feature to take snaps. But it excels to use a document scanner to crop it properly. I make use of Camscanner (Android APP) to upload cam recorded documents.

Evernote - Digital diary

Search with OCR assistance

Evernot have a capability to check inside the pictures you published in the notes

Paperless office

There are several study saying that, they making use of Evernote with document scanners to archive files.


It is truly useful to automate the archiving of our task log. I use IFTTT to log my twitter, facebook and also foursquare tasks, That are internet services. In windows client there is an alternative to keep track of a folder for modifications and brand-new files will certainly be automatically included in Evernote. this works for your document folder and application log folders.


We can share the note with public with a unique URL.


Evernote is charge for fundamental use. we have 60 MEGABYTES space for a month it will certainly not continue to following month.