Download Google Search App For Windows 10


Download Google Search App For Windows 10

Download Google Search App For Windows 10

Most PC users utilize Google’s internet search engine to search the internet. The easiest means to search using Google on a PC is to open Google’s web page in a web browser and also type the search keyword.

Windows 10, as you most likely know, allows users search the web right from the Start/taskbar search. Although Bing is the default online search engine in Windows 10, there are third-party utilities to make Google as the default web online search engine in Start/taskbar search.

Google app for Windows 10

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Because one can make use of the Start/taskbar search to search the web, and one could constantly utilize a web browser to search the internet utilizing Google, a lot of PC users do not feel that need of a Google search app for Windows 10 Yet if you commonly utilize the official Google search app on your smartphone and wish to make use of the very same on your Windows 10 PC also, you will certainly rejoice to know that there is an official Google search app available for Windows 10.

Google is the official Google search app available for Windows 10. The Google search app allows you search the internet using, well, Google search engine. As a few of you most likely know, the Google search app was at first launched a few years ago for Windows 8.

Voice search in Google app for Windows 10.

Like Google app for smart devices, the official Google search app for Windows 10 also supports voice search For those who have no idea, if your PC has a microphone, you can search the web using voice. To use voice search, open the Google app, click or touch the voice search icon then talk the search keyword. The “OKAY, Google” voice search function appears to be not available in the current version of the app.

You can switch off the voice search in Google app settings. To gain access to settings, click the small down arrow icon (located top-right) alongside the Sign in button. This activity will certainly bring up the Settings (equipment) icon at the lower left of the app. Click the Settings icon to see all available options.

By default, all search links are opened within the Google search app. When a page is open in Google search app, you can click the down arrow (located top right) to see reload, locate in page, and open in browser options.

If you want to always open search links in your internet browser, there is an option in app settings for that.

The Google search app for Windows 10 likewise allows you to sign-in to your Google account.

If you click the Google app icon, you can see symbols of all Google services. However, if you click any one of them, the URL of the corresponding service will certainly be opened in your default web browser.

See the following Windows Store link to install the Google search app on your Windows 10 PC. The app is doing not have a few of the attributes available in the smartphone version. That stated, if you like making use of the official app over an internet browser, go on and install it.