Best Android Apps [Social Apps]



Best Android Apps – Social Apps

There’s no escape from the assault of social media and instant-messaging apps. Perfect for discussing pictures, making plans or merely having a chat, these social apps are the most effective of the lot.

Facebook and Messenger

Facebook, the social network specification you cannot lack. Since Messenger has actually been spun out into a separate app, you’ll need both to get the complete Facebook encounter.
Facebook isn’t the most reliable Android app around, but its most current update has actually looked for to take care of such problems. Messenger is thankfully much more steady, however switching in between both apps still isn’t as smooth as you would certainly like it to be.



Lastly updated with a brand-new user interface, WhatsApp is the instant messenger of option for any type of smartphone.

WhatsApp requires little encounter. Make voice phone calls or send video, images, audio or text messages. It’s everything you have to replace tired aged SMS and also MMS services.

You could also access it online with WhatsApp Web, as well as it’s totally free to use for the very first year, and simply 69p for a year’s membership afterwards.

Fenix for Twitter

Fenix for Twitter

The official Twitter app could be a functional totally free client, yet it fades in contrast to Fenix.

Featuring a slick Material Design user interface that’s completely customisable as well as exceptionally receptive, this is the app for any sort of self-confessed Twitter abuser. Spend a couple of days utilizing Fenix and also your Twitter efficiency will skyrocket.



Fed up of juggling numerous social networks throughout loads of different apps? Snowball helps manage the snowstorm of details tossed at your phone or tablet every day.

Notifications are taken care of in a different dropdown tray, as well as you could easily pattern between various networks. Replies could be left without even needing to fold the app you’re presently utilizing.

It’s basic and also efficient– an excellent way to simplify your social experience.


Wish to remind yourself of exactly how foolish that haircut you had five years ago was? Timehop is right here to do just that. But while there’s sure to be lots of cringe-worthy minutes dragged up from the past, Timehop likewise brings reminders of memories neglected. That spontaneous road trip, the time you visited the zoo, or probably the day you met a liked one for the very first time.

Linkeding into Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and Foursquare, Timehop offers you a piece of your past life on a daily basis of the week. Who recognized looking back in time could be so addictive.