8+ Great iPhone To Do Apps


Great iPhone To Do Apps

Great iPhone To Do Apps

iPhone To Do Apps: There are a selection of to do list apps for iPhone that make this process much easier. With alerts, notices, and the ability to manage several tasks, these iPhone to do apps will certainly keep your life organized.


Some people may stop at the price, however the 2Do list app (Read Review; US$ 6.99) is loaded with features and also has a ton of functionality. You could assign activities per task– like phone calls or emails– and also the app syncs with your contact list. The tabbed interface is easy to navigate, and also 2Do also brings voice recordings, alerts, Twitter integration, and a vast array of customizable features. It can be a bit confusing to use at first, but the 2Do list app for iPhone is a clear champion.

2Do has actually upped its cost to $14.99 and also added in-app purchases for sending out to-dos to the app using email. It also offers an Apple Watch app, syncing with many platforms, alerts, an iPad app, as well as more.

Wunderlist Task Manager

Wunderlist (Free) is a stylish to do list app that syncs with an equivalent desktop client for Macs and also PCs. Exceptional tasks are clearly noted, as well as priority items can be starred for easy access later on. Although a monthly calendar view would be helpful, the Wunderlist app (Read Review) shows upcoming tasks in numerous ways.

Sports a redesigned interface as well as an Apple Watch app, along with the ability to work together on lists and also assign tasks. Also currently includes a $5/month or $50/year subscription that opens unlimited data attachments, task jobs, and much more.

Awesome Note (+ ToDo)

Awesome Note +ToDo (Read Review; US$ 3.99) is a full-featured list app that offers plenty of modification choices. Managing your tasks and order of business is easy, and also the app syncs with Evernote and Google Docs. I likewise like the monthly calendar view for getting an overview of your tasks for the coming weeks. Since Awesome Note has numerous features, it could spend some time to determine how whatever functions. Awesome Note now offers an Apple Watch app, creating and journaling features, the ability to Touch ID-protect the app and folders within it, as well as much more.


Like a lot of apps (Read Review) on this list, Todoist integrates an internet version as well as an app to provide you access to your tasks virtually anywhere you are. Those tools are powerful, organizing tasks by job, offering a wise, natural-language scheduling tool, and also setting automatic reminders for any kind of task with a time affixed to it. The US$ 29/year costs version adds integration with calendar apps for a single view right into every little thing you need to provide for a whole day as well as expands the pointer functionality.

Still my preferred to-do app, but several of the current adjustments appear to have actually added much more taps to tasks and also made the interface a little more confusing. Includes a helpful Apple Watch app.


Clear (Read Review; $4.99) is perhaps one of the most beautifully designed and most iOS-specific app on this list. It makes use of the iOS’s multitouch interface to terrific impact, letting users manipulate and also create to-dos with natural pinches, swipes, and also drags. The interface– which is structured around tasks, rather than days, and also limits to-do length to the size of the iPhone’s display– won’t work for everybody, but for those it does, it’s most likely to work effectively without a doubt.

Clear has come to be more useful thanks to syncing with iPad as well as desktop versions as well as offering an Apple Watch app. It likewise supports Notification Center Widgets. In-app purchases unlock sound effects.


In spite of being last on this list, Thinglist isn’t a bad app (Read Review). It’s just also basic. Thinglist aids you create and keep lists of, well, things. Intend to keep a list of all the books you intend to read? Thinglist could aid. But once you want to do even more compared to that, Thinglist falters. It doesn’t offer search, user-added categories, or progressed features like due dates or geotagging of locations. It’s well designed, so if it adds features, it can go up the positions, however, for now, it’s just also simple.

Thinglist’s basic concept– producing lists around pre-defined groups– is still in position. The app hasn’t already been updated in over two years, though, which may indicate it’s not best for heavy users.


The TeuxDeux app (Read Review; $2.99) is an iPhone-specific version of the web app of the exact same name. Its stylish, spare interface areas emphasis squarely on your to-dos however doesn’t offer lots of features besides syncing with the internet app and also rearranging items. Its productivity focus will be excellent for some users, yet others will certainly need more features to obtain things done.

TeuxDeux still has an appealingly spare interface, however it hasn’t been updated in virtually a year, which frequently isn’t really an excellent sign for the health and wellness of an app. No Apple Watch app here.


Ita’s programmers advertise it as both a to-do app and also a list-making app (Read Review). Trying to be two things is a real problem in this situation. As a list app, Ita is strong, if basic. As a to-do app, it lacks crucial features such as reminders, due dates, priorities, and also a web version. If you just should keep lists without stressing over when you’ll get things done, Ita is great. However if you’re focused on productivity, you’ll possibly need to look elsewhere.

Ita currently has an iPad version and also syncs throughout gadgets through iCloud. It likewise supports printing. No Apple Watch app offered below, either.


Things (US$ 9.99) is the only app on this list that wasn’t in the initial article. That was an oversight considering that Things is just one of one of the most prominent, and the majority of powerful, to-do lists out there. It’s a complex app that takes a while to master, but those who do master it swear by it. Create lists as well as sublists, schedule and also tag tasks, sync with Mac and iPad versions, and keep up to this day from your Apple Watch. If you’ve tried the rest as well as have not found the right tool, or just wish to start out at the top, check out Things.


The ToodleDo app (US$ 2.99) has a simple interface that makes it easy to add brand-new tasks to your order of business. For every task, you can set priorities and also due dates, assign it to a folder, schedule reminders, and also more. Folders are especially helpful for maintaining tasks organized. Nevertheless, the ToodleDo list app (Read Review) has a confusing priority system, and I desire it would certainly set app badges as a default.

Like a lot of apps on this list, ToodleDo includes an Apple Watch app. Additionally, it offers an in-app purchase of sound effects, but its interface looks messy and also overwhelming.