Why 4 Best Reddit Apps for IOS are Hotter than Jennifer Lawrence


Why 5 Best Reddit Apps for IOS are Hotter than Jennifer Lawrence

Why 4 Best Reddit Apps for IOS are Hotter than Jennifer Lawrence

Best Reddit Apps for IOS: It’s the initial point I sign in the early morning and also the last night I check during the night. And also, frustratingly, the majority of the Reddit apps for iOS are just terribly created.

Here’s our take on the top Reddit apps for iOS


Redditor is a straight-forward and easy-to-use Reddit client for those most thinking about browsing Reddit. It load content quickly as well as scrolls responsively, with a built-in media view, auto-playing GIFs, as well as multiple color design, consisting of night mode.


Beam is among the better Reddit customers checked for this post, yet as a cost-free client, it’s not all that much to create home regarding. The best features are hidden behind paid development packs.

There’s the $1.99 Display Pack, that includes essential features like media view, night mode as well as automatically playing GIFS. The $1.99 Identity Pack allows personal browsing, multiple accounts, PIN-code access as well as more. There’s also an upcoming Discovery Pack, which aids content discovery, however there’s no word on exactly what sort of features that will have.

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A good Reddit client need to make it easy to quickly scroll with content, viewing a wide variety of media while upvoting and also downvoting quickly. It’s an intricate development task, yet Narwhal manages it well. I enjoy that you could swipe on posts to upvote as well as downvote them, as well as the user interface is properly designed as well as easy to understand.

The app also includes a great deal of features borrowed from Reddit Enhancement Suite, like concealing posts, which is important. And also a “hide check out” contextual button that turns up occasionally makes it easy to “archive” watched post as well as get them out of your feed. A media view enables you to see pictures without opening posts, which is great for anyone that enjoys complying with a great deal of media-heavy subreddits.

Reddit Official App

The official Reddit app for iOS obtains a great deal of flack, and after utilizing it for months, that’s not shocking. It’s extensively functional, yet raging with problems. Its limitless scrolling attribute frequently damages, and also it doesn’t include all the excellent features offered by third-party apps. You can’t save specific comments, which is frequently bothersome, requiring you to upvote to save a comment for later on. Scrolling is jerky as well as irregular, making the app really feel less competent and sluggish. It supplies autoplaying GIFs, however numerous GIFs just won’t play at all, and also the much-vaunted multi-user options are clunky and buggy. The official Reddit app is serviceable and eye-catching, however there are better options available.


As of now, Narwhal is the most effective of the free Reddit apps for iOS, but it still doesn’t include whatever we ‘d get out of an awesome Reddit app. If you’re willing to drop $2 for the Display Pack, Beam is an amazing paid alternative.

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