4+ Best Android Apps to Visualize Battery, RAM, CPU Usage


Best Android Apps to Visualize Battery, RAM, CPU Usage

Best Android Apps to Visualize Battery, RAM, CPU Usage

Android Apps to Visualize Battery, RAM, CPU Usage: One of the indications of being a geek is that you always keep an eye on just how much your device’s battery, RAM or CPU is being utilized by the Android system. Is it being utilized to its full potential or is it falling short? In this write-up, we’re going to have a look at some of the most effective Android apps that could beautifully visualize essential details like battery, RAM and CPU levels of your phone, precisely the home screen. So, without more trouble, below are the 5 best Android Apps to visualize battery, RAM and also CPU:

Battery Monitor

While the name “Battery Monitor” may make you think that it will certainly show the battery details of a device, there’s far more to it. The app shows you RAM, CPU and also battery status in form of widgets as well as little floating windows.

Tapping on the floating window or widget will certainly show you more details on battery, RAM, and CPU.

Energy Bar

Energy Bar is a good little app that shows you your phone’s battery level in form of a colorful linear strip on your status bar. Right here’s a screenshot to give you an idea of just what it does.

This linear strip could give you a fast overview of the battery level on your phone. Well, allow’s go into the app a bit extra and also check out various other features that it has to offer.


Powerline is extremely similar to Energy Bar in terms of usage. It shows a colorful linear strip in the Status Bar. Nonetheless, Powerline gives far more options for you to choose. In Energy Bar, you can only obtain the battery levels, right here you could check the status of different parameters. Be it RAM, CPU, WiFi, Storage or even battery temperature.

Navbar Apps

Navbar Apps is a prominent app that lets you customize the look of your navigation bar. In addition to the numerous personalization options it brings, like the ability to include custom pictures to navigation bar, Navbar Apps also shows you battery details in the navigation bar. The ability to see battery levels in the navigation bar is available in the totally free version of the app as well as while there typically aren’t many options associated with this, it’s still a fantastic option to visualize the battery on your Android device.


Tinycore is an additional app that lets you visualize the battery, RAM and CPU usage of an Android device in the status bar. In the app, you could just touch on the + icon to create your very own indicator or you could make use of the ones gives by default. In the complimentary version, you can not use 2 or more indicators simultaneously.

You could create profiles and give the account a name and also description. You could after that set a layout for it. In the layout, you can change the position in addition to width and elevation. You’ll need the Pro version of the app to change the Stack Orientation. However, you cannot change the color of the line which I found to be essential for such an app.

These were a few of the apps that will assist you monitor battery, RAM and also CPU levels whenever from the house screen. You will not need to dig into any setups or open up some app to check the status.