10+ Alternatives To Soundcloud


10+ Alternatives To Soundcloud

Alternatives To Soundcloud

Generally those who upload their own musical developments– where can they count on when the stress versus Soundcloud comes to be overwhelming? What if Soundcloud caves, not monetarily, but in the feeling that it loses its user base?

Listed below you’ll locate a total list of websites like Soundcloud that you can utilize– both as a fan and as an artist– to post, listen and also share music with the world. Some are better compared to others; some are more established compared to others. With every little thing, there are pros and cons, so it is up to you to establish which one you put your weight behind.

Sites Like SoundCloud – The Best Alternatives


Most significantly, those beats just weren’t videos, they were just beats with still pictures as the “video.” Artists could and should make the most of YouTube’s huge audience as well as really user-friendly platform to share music with the everyday fan.

That knows, possibly an additional user will certainly add your beat to a playlist that’ll acquire views. Perhaps your beat will get discovered by a random artist who intends to collaborate with you. You’ll miss out on the possibility if you don’t take it, so cover all your methods and safeguard your brand by uploading content to YouTube.

Best for: all sorts of projects, including singles as well as albums; video; reaching more listeners; discovering underground music


While music fans and also recording artists have the ability to sign up with BeatStars as well as benefit from its numerous features, the service is an exceptional platform tailored towards beatmakers that helps connect them with artists going to purchase their beats.

The site itself is full with content for you to experience, from a feed of lately published beats that resembles a standard blogroll to a genre section where you could strain beats by style, and also far more.

Best for: selling instrumentals, getting instrumentals


Bandcamp has been around for some time as well as forever reason. The service really is for musicians as well as growing an intimate fanbase. Artists could choose exactly what they bill for their music, also being able to give away music for free. On top of that, artists can sell merchandise as well as physical copies of their album directly via Bandcamp.


Mixcloud is really targeted at podcasts and mixes, hence the name. Yet their service is extra encompassing than that, allowing users to click through different genres to hear new music (type of like Spotify), and allowing users to upload mixtapes and such (albeit, as one single track).

So if you’re just searching for a place to boost your exposure, a mix of your tracks uploaded to Mixcloud may be a good bet, yet do not seek to connect with your fans in earnest, or even interact with various other users period.


This obscure service was probably the most surprising of the lot. Appearing like Soundcloud on steroids, Hearthis.at’s website is crowded with a lots of content.

There on the homepage are lots of tracks ready to be paid attention to, and their appearance is noticeably just like Soundcloud. Aesthetically, Hearthis.at and Audiomack come closest to reproducing (and in some cases, improving upon) Soundcloud.

Best for: singles; establishing local reputation; connecting with various other artists; discovering underground music.

10+ Alternatives To Soundcloud


There are lots of sites such as this, sites that allow you to upload single tracks to easily and quickly show others. I think about clyp.it as the audio equivalent to something likeor Google Drive or Imgur, where you can make an account as well as participate, yet if you just require a quick way to upload something and also share it, that’s an option, as well.


In more ways compared to not, Audiomack is a bonafide alternative to Soundcloud. There are the normal features: share, like/favorite, repost, include in playlist, etc.

Audiomack, nevertheless, finds more of a balance between the music streaming system, network as well as community of Soundcloud, as well as the profile pages chock loaded with useful artist info and various other content as seen on Reverbnation.

You can embed videos that could be watched onsite to go along with tracks. You could earn additional use your various other tracks with Audiomack’s “current tracks” list that appears on the web page listed below your track’s description.

Best for: all kinds of projects, including singles as well as albums; reaching even more listeners; discovering underground music.


Soundclick isn’t nearly as aesthetically pleasing as the rest of the services I’ve looked at, but it’s pretty supply in regards to what it offers. I could easily browse music from details artists, or by genre.

Soundclick has an added benefit of allowing artists to sell their music, which is popular among beatmakers wanting to sell their beats to rap artists.

Best for: connecting with other artists; singles

10+ Alternatives To Soundcloud


Reverbnation’s website is pretty on-point with their design, layout, features, and content. The service’s strong point is dealing with local indie artists, which’s just the kind of artist that should consider Reverbnation as a viable outlet for his or her own music.

Reverbnation may not have the document that Soundcloud or Bandcamp has, yet their service is loaded with features every artist could make use of, such as electronic press kits, social syncing, email marketing, advertising, digital distribution and far more.

Best for: establishing local reputation; branding; artist overview


DatPiff could be the host of a number of great projects, as they have actually been for years (you’ll know because they toss the “DatPiff Exclusive” sound byte as well as meta info on every little thing). There are, as you probably know, incredible numbers of losers on the site, however, as well.

In addition, DatPiff’s music has the tendency to cater to the trap/hardcore rap style, so it may be harder for artists that make, say, beat tapes or alternative hip-hop or various other subgenres of hip-hop to obtain as much attention. That being said, DatPiff is still a great site for organizing mixtapes– they are the “Mixtape Authority” nevertheless.

Best for: mixtapes; albums


Profile pages look almost specifically like Soundcloud’s profile pages, save for the waveforms and color design. Yung.Cloud has actually the added bonus of archiving your music, sort of like a blog’s archives, so users could explore your older music extra easily instead of having to scroll and scroll.

In basically every other way, Yung.Cloud is just like Soundcloud. You could such as, share, comment, and also repost music you find, add friends (rather than complying with), and create playlists of your favorite songs.

Best for: single tracks, totally free streaming


This music hosting/monetization service is certainly on the rise within the independent musicians’ circle– and also permanently reason.

ORFIUM is really similar to Soundcloud in that it offers users to create profiles that feature a feed of their account activity, as well as tabs for albums, tracks, playlists, and something completely unique, their occasions.

Best of all, artists could sell their music directly to listeners, so it’s an easy way to monetize your music.


This service I discovered through Reddit and regardless of being soft-launched a year ago, it’s still in Beta. What that means is that points could change in the future, and whether that’s good or bad is subject to time. For now, RepX is very minimalistic in its appearance, but has a lot of the control that Bandcamp offers to artists.

Just what’s unique about RepX are its different business models for artists to earn money off of their music You could do the traditional models of having listeners purchase your music to get it, or having users pay to stream your music on RepX. Various other models include ad-supported, subscription-based, and the really unique one, tips-based.

So not only can you control what does it cost? users pay, you control just how they pay.

Best for: generating income off your music.